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It is my pleasure to congratulate you on enrolling yourself as a student in Yatharth Nursing College and Paramedical Institute, which is well known for the discipline, quality education and personality development

Nursing is noblest of all professions and in immense demand globally offering a highly rewarding career. Nursing has a significant role in the society that values the maintenance and improvement of health along a positive continuum.

Yatharth Nursing College and Paramedical Institute has set high standards and diligently maintains it. We provide an education program that enhances student’s knowledge, their skills and attitude to qualify as competent nursing professionals in today’s highly competitive and health conscious society. We believe in value based education and wish to serve society through our assets- our students.

We look forward with great anticipation to continued growth in the years to come. If Nursing is your goal, Yatharth Nursing College and Paramedical Institute can be the path to an amazing career.

With Regards

Dr. Dhananjay Singh